What We Do

Old Ivy Asset Management assists a variety of clients with their investment management needs: whether they be a high net-worth, individual, or personal retirement account; or a charitable entity such as a foundation, trust, or estate.   After an initial consultation, clients deposit funds into a custodian account (e.g., at a brokerage company like Charles Schwab & Co.) and then grant discretionary management authority to us.   Portfolios are then curated with high-quality, listed investments (stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds) in accordance with each client's risk profile and investment objectives.  No "model" portfolios are used.  We never take custody of client assets; we merely direct the client's custodian to buy or sell the securities that we select.  Client assets are actively monitored and regularly evaluated for portfolio risks and are managed with sensitivity to taxes.

Your funds will be invested through a separately managed account that offers complete transparency.  You can login to your custodian’s website or to the secure, private portal provided by us as often as you like to review your portfolios, reports and other correspondence.  There is no lock-up period and no margin debt is used, so you can readily access funds if a liquidity need arises. {1}

You will receive a quarterly letter in which we’ll review the markets and your account(s).  We’ll review significant developments during the quarter and provide our current outlook.

You will have unlimited access to your account manager to answer questions or assist with any other needs such as money movement, asset transfers, required minimum distributions (RMDs), coordinating with other professionals, etc.

As a fiduciary, we are bound to always act in clients' best interests.  Unlike brokers who receive commissions for generating transactions in securities, and who may be incentivized to churn client accounts, Old Ivy charges only a set fee and never collects commissions for conducting trades in client accounts nor from selling proprietary/captive products.  

Our focus is always on our clients and on constantly doing our best to find high-quality, conflict-free investment opportunities that help our clients achieve their long-term goals and objectives while providing exceptional service and accessibility.  We strive to develop deep and meaningful client relationships, focusing on quality over quantity, always attending to client needs first.  We will work with clients' various auditors, accountants, lawyers, and other professional service providers to ensure their financial needs are attended to promptly, competently and completely.