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Old Ivy Asset Management


Independent, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor

An experienced, boutique financial advisory firm providing financial planning and professional investment management services.

Our Commitment to You
Investment Management

Your funds will be invested through a separately managed account in accordance with your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Liquid Investments

Your assets are invested in highly liquid assets—stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds.  No margin debt is used and there is no lock-up period so you can withdraw funds if a liquidity need arises. {1}

Secure Login

You can securely login to the Custodian’s website or to the private portal provided by Old Ivy as often as you like to review your accounts, reports and other correspondence.

Quarterly Reports

You will receive a quarterly letter which will review investment performance and provide our current market outlook.

Old Ivy Asset Management

I founded Old Ivy Asset Management in 2018 and am the firm’s Chief Investment Officer.  My professional investment career began in early 2000, at the peak of the Dot.Com bubble and continues today over two decades later.  Prior to Old Ivy Asset Management, I spent 18 years as a portfolio manager/analyst...

Old Ivy Asset Management
Acting in Clients’ Best Interests

As a fiduciary, we are bound to always act in clients' best interests.  Unlike brokers who are paid commissions for generating transactions in securities, and who may be incentivized to churn client accounts, Old Ivy charges a set fee.  There are no conflicts of interest nor any proprietary products.